McCarthy Group Florists

Using digital communications to inspire a new generation of flower-lovers.


​McCarthy Group Florists began as a single mom-and-pop store in Scranton, Pennsylvania in 1952. The company now includes a portfolio of floral shops across the United States. As McCarthy Group Florists moves into its 65th year, the company’s vision is to inspire a new generation of flower-lovers. To this day, McCarthy Group Florists remains 100% family owned and operated by members of the McCarthy Family and they are committed to providing unbeatable service, one customer at a time.


The company aimed to reinforce the foundation of digital communications supporting their local floral service offerings. The main challenge was to maintainthe feel of local, family-based shops while growing the business across the nation (supported via the Teleflora network).

Tactics & Results

+ Program discovery + Competitive analysis + Redesign and optimize email templates for various campaign types (versioned for ~20 local floral shops) + Creation and activation for automated campaigns supporting customer lifecycle