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Laura Thompson

Laura Thompson

Founder + Director of Strategy

Laura is a marketer who specializes in customer experience-focused strategy with an emphasis on digital communications. Her personal mission is to fuse her passion for marketing with a pursuit of purpose in terms of giving back on both a personal and professional level.  

Laura's background is heavily rooted in the digital advertising agency world (360i, Engauge/Moxie, BrightWave, BKV) with an emphasis on strategic planning and program planning.  She has worked with a range of clients, from small business to Fortune 500 brands as well as both B2C and B2B programs.

Her career began in the entertainment industry, transitioning from college radio to a marketing/management role at a recording studio and then into artist management, branding and eventually the agency world. She serves as the current President for the Atlanta chapter of the American Marketing Association.

Zachery Sutton

Director of Design

Zachery is a user experience expert with a deep-rooted love of branding and design. He aims to blend design and technology to create memorable brand experiences.  

As a Senior User Experience Designer, Zachery currently leads web and digital experience planning for VMware.  He has also supported design and UX initiatives for a range of agencies and brands including SAP/Ariba, UPS, Engauge, Home Depot and BKV.  

He has an MA in Graphic Design from SCAD and a BA in Fine Art (with a concentration in Computer Graphics and Computer Animation) from Winston-Salem State University.